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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Thinking about being a 70 percenter?

Friends are developed through mutually beneficial relationships.  If you and I have common interests, or we have common friends, or we just enjoy each other's company, we will possibly develop into friends.  30 percenters have their own friend issues that I will talk about later, but for now, let's say you want to have more friends.  You want to be someone that is liked. 

You have two roles in this situation.  You have to have some skills in presenting yourself to possible friends, and you have to know how to look for them.  As a 70 percenter, you know that there are people out there judging their self esteem by how they are received by others.  Can you receive others in a way that helps them feel like they are valuable.  How do respond to someone else's fishing expedition?  To be the kind of person that helps other value themselves, you have to value yourself.  You have to understand that you are wanted as a friend.  But, even if no one wanted you as a friend, you have the sense of value that comes from a spiritual connection to God.

When you feel this way about yourself, you can be even more successful developing friendships.  You know you have value.  Even if the possible friendship doesn't work out, you know that it is their loss.  You are worth having as a friend even if this friendship does not materialize.  If I could say it even one more way to help you get it I would.

A 70 percenter is content independent of relationships, which makes for better relationships.  When you run up against a 30 percenter and there is no depth, you know why.  They don't have what it takes - Not you!


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