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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Heard a cool thought from a local preacher that fits the model

So we have a visit from Greater Spartanburg ministries at work today, and the pastor shares with us some very cool ways they present the need for the gospel to people who come in for assistance.

He talked about how many of the ten commandments people know, versus how many different brands of beer we can name.  It was funny to listen to him talk about how he gets people to face up to the reality of the 10 commandments.

Then he made a statement that rocked my world.  The ten commandments speak to the conscience not to the mind.  It is not about keeping the ten commandments - how we "score".  It is about how our inability to obey these rules given to us show us how impossible it is to save ourselves.  The fact that we sin by breaking the law is so we can see we need an advocate - a savior to restore our relationship with God.

So do we care about the law?  Yes, of course, because it shows us what God does not approve of.  Without the law we don't know.  However, we are all capable of rationalizing that we are not so bad - using our intellect to overcome our conscience.  See how it can affect your ability to share with someone?

If you have someone who is not willing to feel the pain of disobedience, and the hurt on their conscience, then the head will not see a need for help.  People who are very successful can say - well I must not be doing to bad or life wouldn't be so good.  Or someone could be so unsuccessful that their situation does not allow their conscience to exist.  It is too painful to face.

We have to be able to communicate relationally, in order to help a person see the affect of sin on their life, not try to explain it to satisfy their head knowledge needs.  A person who will only deal with the head has so many barriers to the conscience that it is a waste of your time to argue or explain!

The conscience is a great thing, and never underestimate its existence in those people around you, even the 30%.  It shows a person their need for a savior - a need you can help them fulfill.

Keep your eyes and ears and open to look for the tug of the Spirit in others, and in yourself.  Don't waste the opportunity!!!!

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