How do Wisdom and Selling go together?

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Monday, August 2, 2010

Testing the waters with the 70% solution in retail

The 70% solution is a fun experience in the world of retail for two very different reasons. First and foremost, this is where you most find people in need of contact and encouragement, but equally significant, it is where you can most embarrass your family in a low risk setting. IT is so much joy to see my wife squirm as that moment is in play where we do not know whether the person I am talking to is 70, or 30. It does not matter that it is not her in the conversation, she is in the emotion playground of the situation.

How do you fit this into your lifestyle in public in a way that is positive, and creates a possible connection with someone who may really need or want the attention?

Well, I first experimented with being more assertive in public with female restaurant personnel. You know, from the hostess / greeters to the waitstaff, those with whom I am likely to have verbal interchange. It did not matter to me whether they were young or old, married or single, attractive or plain, I made a plan to speak to them.

In the old days, I would have been more ego-centric, trying to say things that would impress them about me. Things that implied – aren’t you glad you have the privilege of serving me today? I would try to be really clever about the d√©cor, the weather, or something else quite impersonal. In general, this was received with a weary smile, and an effort to quickly move me forward to the seat or through the meal. Hey, I was too focused on me to notice that I was not impressing the world around me, so any response was a good response.

After moving toward a healthy view of myself, my limitations and my value to the world and to God, I was able to get past the part where everything I said had to bring attention. At this point I could invest in them.

Have you ever experienced this?

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