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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My time with a 30 percenter at the ball game

So I am at a baseball with my family and friends from work.  We have really good seats.  In fact, our kids are down on the front row if seats.  In the third inning this stern looking older guy (like my age) comes down to the front row and tells the kids they are in his seat -a season ticket holder.  My son moves out so he can sit down and the game continues.  Later, when some of our group have left, I move down to the front row and my son moves back there with me.  He and his friends are asking questions like crazy, and I can just imagine that they are getting on this guy's nerves.  I just go with the flow, and try to keep them quiet enough not to bother him.

A good play happens in the field, and I happen to turn toward him and comment on the play.  To my surprise, he responds with an interesting comment.  A few minutes later, he says something to me, and a very interesting but baseball only conversation ensues.  It is obvious to me that we are not destined to be best friends, but the rest of the night was pleasant enough.  It was not a deep conversation, and it was infrequent, but we had enough in common at that point to make it work without effort.

Sometimes we can look for too much from a 30 percenter, and that becomes a cause of major disappointment when we don't get the response we want (a 70 percenter behavior from a 30 percenter).  We have to learn to appreciate what is there, and then we can have a basis on which to develop a future friendship or at least some sort of quality relationship.

What do you think?

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  1. you can only take from someone what they are willing to give. so, it makes more sense to be grateful for that than to be disappointed about what you didn't get.