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Monday, August 23, 2010

Don't act stupid near a blogger, especially one talking about people!

So my wife and I are at a McDonalds, and this older guy walks in to buy some food, but also to add money to his gift card.  The ladies behind the counter are Hispanic, and while they understand and communicate well, the first one did not understand his request.  He lost his temper and began criticizing her "if you don't know how to do this, you ought not to be back there", and glaring at her and the woman who came to try and help.  His last comment before he left was, I knew you could do it if you tried.

So my wife and I are sitting there fuming, and I am so tempted to go get in the guy's face.  However, there was no indication he had any self control, and I might regret it later.  We also contemplated speaking to the ladies later, but the lines were too long when we got up to leave.  So we just left it laying out there, and they had to deal with the feelings on their own.

So I have spent all this time learning how to be a more natural relater, and I wasted a valuable time to use it.  You know, we are all blessed with different abilities, and mine is not naturally mercy, but I have found by committing to communication skills that would have come in handy in this case.

I guess my natural skills at explaining would have come in handy if I had gotten in that guy's face to explain to him how not to be such a jerk.

So what should I have done?

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  1. I know it can drive you crazy sometimes thinking "What if I had....". I do it all the time.

    From what you say about the guy, it could have been an explosive situation if you had confronted him.

    It is sad that the world is coming to a state that if you say something to someone about their behavior you can get sued or shot!