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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

So what's a shy kid to do?

I was so shy as a child that I was afraid of everyone.  If anyone made me feel negative, or said something critical of me, I took it very seriously.  I was deathly afraid of girls.  Once, at a party, I asked a girl to go with me.  It lasted all of 5 minutes.  I didn't know what to do with it.

Another time, I finally got up the nerve to ask the popular girl to dance.  The music started, and we danced for about a minute and the music stopped.  I was too shy to ask her to continue dancing when the music started again.  Wow, that is a pitiful story. 

So how did this happen.  Well, I could not tell who liked me and who did not have time for me.  I also began to form in my mind the kinds of people I should want to like.  Hey I wanted the pretty girls and the popular guys to like me.  That put me in a position for failure.  They were the ones least likely to be looking for new friends, so even if they didn't mean to, they were likely to hurt me as I would feel rejected.

I missed out on some possible good times and some positive reinforcement that could have made me a better person, and have more self esteem.  I was looking for all this from people who could not give it to me - the 30%.

So how do we help our children not feel the same way I felt.  How do we help them see that the friends that are  meant to be come from confidently testing all they are around, not selecting the traits they want and hoping those people want to like them.  The risk is high that there will be rejection.

If our kids are able to receive friends and relationships from the 70% as they reveal themselves, rather than seek recklessly after the 30%,  there is a better chance they will have lasting relationships and feeling more positively about themselves.

At least that is what I think!  What do you think?

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  1. It would be great if we could wave a magic wand and help our kids, and ourselves for that matter, get over feelings of rejection and self consciousness when going into a new situation. It could be school, a new job or a party for church or work.

    If we could get in our heads that the person we are talking to probably feels pretty much the same way it would help to move past the awkward stage of the first contact with a new person.