How do Wisdom and Selling go together?

Welcome to Wisdom Selling. So if you are like me, you are always wanting to learn more. Well here is the deal about selling. It is the desire to exchange something you have, for something of more value to you. You may have an idea, a product, a service which people will want to pay for, allowing you to make a profit. You have to seek out people who might want it, and convince them it is worth the price you are charging. Or like me, you may just have a little wisdom, and are looking for someone who values it enough to want to use it. My value received in return is the joy of your feedback. So, I am selling wisdom. The cost to you, your interest. I want to help others as well. Visit the links page and shop for some good deals. Any profits on money you spend there will be used by Wisdom Selling to support non-profit businesses in developing their strategies.

About Me

Wisdom Selling is an idea that came from my on-going efforts to train and mentor other business leaders in the areas of marketing and sales.  I found that most often, strong business plans were the greatest barrier to quality marketing and sales. While strategic planning is a desire of almost everyone, it remains a mystery to most.  I discovered that I have the ability to help company leaders develop these plans in a way that they easily understand and can effectively use.

I found more and more small businesses and non-profit organizations that had the same questions about how to run their operations successfully and sustainably.  I began to work with them to help create stronger business strategies, implementation plans, board directions and marketing positioning.  The on-going learning from my successes and failures helping these others is the wisdom I am now using to help you.  I look forward to the opportunity to serve your organization.

Who I Am

Talented, results-producing Sales and Marketing Professional with a proven record of accomplishment in planning and leading comprehensive marketing strategies in support of business goals and objectives for businesses in challenging growth markets.
Expertise in directing the creation of marketing tools and steering the execution of marketing programs.
Demonstrated success driving growth in targeted markets through implementation of key projects, while managing for profitability.
Solid leadership skills; able to build and guide top-performing marketing teams. Adept at communicating with management, vendors, and internal departments to coordinate overall marketing efforts.

Led the Growth efforts of a solid non-profit organization, as well as a Fortune 100 corporation.  Defined strategy for and developed, executed, and managed comprehensive marketing plan encompassing integrated marketing initiatives designed to penetrate and grow targeted markets.
Communicated with customers, management, and  internal departments to coordinate overall marketing effort in accordance with organizational goals.
Played integral role in product development activities. Led and directed forward-thinking marketing, sales and customer service teams.

Growth of new markets, Steady sales growth in existing markets, Product development, Innovation, Marketing planning and execution, Profitability analysis, Development and implementation of marketing and sales strategies.  Product and industry expert, Public speaker, Customer consultant.  Mentor.