How do Wisdom and Selling go together?

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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Time for a change

When you go through significant life changes, you have to take time to look backwards as well as forwards, in order to really learn anything from them.  You can't just say, off to the next thing.  You have to say to yourself, what is it about me that makes me what I am?  Is this a point in my life where I need to make a change?  Has change been thrust upon me, and do I understand why?
We often immediately begin looking for things to change about ourselves, which can create a sense of failure to this point.  However, if we are as observant of ourselves as we have become looking at the 70%, we can begin to wisely discern the difference between failure and fit.  If we do not fit our current circumstances, we have to look first at the root causes.  Is there a problem with my approach, or is there something in my character that affects my behavior in a way that is not compatible with the situation?  Is there a goal I cannot accomplish, or is there a leadership style I cannot relate to? 
All of these factors can weigh in to a need for a change.  However, they are not all bad things.  In fact, they may be God's way of direction to a new and different place. 
Now, that does not mean that you cannot have faults or issues that can force change upon you.  But in the same way the 30% can cause us to question our value, change can do the same if we are not wise and careful.  I am experiencing that right now, and find myself with a strange sense of contentment that comes with being released from a responsibility and not feeling guilty about the change, or afraid of what is next. 
This feeling is what I have been talking about that comes from being able to release the 30% from owning your emotions and confidence.  Take a shot at relating to someone new today and feel the joy of knowing that it is not your failure if there is no connection, just a learning!