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Friday, August 6, 2010

So I had a chance to use the 70% today

Went to get my hair cut today.  The three stylists were working quietly on three women, finishing all of them around the time they started with me and one other guy.  Two African American stylists and one white.  So I sit down and my stylist asks - So what can I do for you today? 

What a great opportunity to safely test for a 70 percenter!

I said, a number three on the side, finger cut on the top - leave me some bangs to cover my receding hairline - then I said, and make me a little taller, take off about 20 years, and give me some extra energy.

I could have received any of a number of responses from a sarcastic Ha ha to a genuine funny and kidding comeback - and that is what I got!  She was so very funny and enjoyable to talk to - has two small kids, loves the toys they have for them now.  She loves some strange movies - Hot Tub Time machine, Grease, and Gone with the Wind.  Now, how many people is she going to share that with?  Only someone she considers safe.  How can we be safe?  By being genuine.  Yes, my comments were silly and juvenile, but they opened up a road to a fun conversation for almost 20 minutes, with both of the other stylists joining in.

I had fun and it cost me nothing.  And the interesting part is - if she had taken the "don't talk to me"  route it would still have cost me nothing.  Would have had a quieter cut and a lower tip, but other than that, no biggie!

Anyone else experience something like this?

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