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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Help out my friend Ailton. Shop at and all sales this week will go to his ministry in Brazil

Here is his story.
Hello friends,

I'm living some special experiences here in Sao Jose as urban missionary and I'd like to share to you. 

In this week I took my ball and went to a basketball court in a poor area to practicing some plays.  That is a dangerous area such as gangs area, and was interesting the reaction of kids to seeing me lonly play basketball. They closed to me and asked me to play together, was awesome teach them some skills and drills, the most of them never had held a basketball before. Nobody play basketball on that court so they was happy in play with me. 
After some time I got away and went walking around of neighborhood with my ball. I walked for about one hour I could see some points of traffic of drugs, gang places, people buying and selling drugs and many kids on the streets. But what called my attention was the reaction of the kids on the streets, several of them said: "Look at that guy, he plays basketball, wow!". I felt like a celebrity! This was amazing because some of them asked about where I played, and if I could do some play like spin the ball on the fingers and things like that. I came back home with a sensation of the fields are ready to harvest here. 

Another day I was training in a basketball court in my neighborhood at 8 pm and a boy asked to training with me. He said that nobody use that court to play basketball and kids use drugs there, some minutes later we could feel the smell of marihuana in the air.

I need confess that as pastor I never had walked for location like that and pay attention to the great opportunity to reach the kids in this places. I've felt a special calling of God to preaching the gospel on the courts. In this city many kids that not go to the churches are in this places ready to being reach for men that carry a ball in the hands and a message in their heart.

I wanna be that man, with a ball and a message. And you?

In Christ,

Ailton Tertuliano

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