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Monday, May 9, 2011

Does Search Engine Marketing Matter to a Church?

Does Search Engine Marketing Matter to a Church?

Chris Byrd, Wisdom Selling

Your church has great opportunities to take advantage of the internet to grow your ministries.  Check out the link at the bottom for one opportunity coming up this weekend.

Persons new to your community are most likely now to search for a church on the internet first, before visiting around.  Therefore a website is a must for a growing church.  Once you have a site, though, you want people to find it.  Search Engine Optimization can be a very valuable tool for a church to use if the goal of the church is to be the first church identified by a seeker when searching on-line for a church.  Google, Yahoo, Bing and other Search Engines (answer providers) are always looking to provide the most relevant information to their customers.  This is how they justify their fees to advertisers.  Therefore, they are always going to do their best to Search all the websites and other information on the internet to find the best answers to questions that might be asked.

The formulas they use are always changing, as websites try to beat the system and get more notice.  For example, websites began buying text links from each other to appear more widely accepted.  Therefore, the search engines had to put restrictions on text links to keep the information credible.  However, there are many legitimate ways to increase the value of your presence on the web, which is the process of optimizing your site to be favorable to search engines.   In doing so, you create greater likelihood of being found by those in your community looking on –line for information about churches.

Search Engine Marketing has different methods to it, depending on your goals.  There are search goals that focus on relevance by location.  There are others that focus on relevance by keyword.  There are other marketing methods when you want to advertise events, messages or other saleable items.  A good webhosting provider will have these resources available to you. is a great webhosting provider, with the extra benefits of being one of the larger webhosting sites focused entirely on Churches and Christian Businesses.  This allows them to understand more fully the search engine needs of churches relative to geography (being the top of the list in your zip code, for example) and relative to keywords (childrens programs, etc).  Regardless of where your site is hosted, they can help.

There are fees for Search Engine Optimization, as there are real people doing real work to make this happen, but is very competitive as they realize the needs and assets of the market in which they work.  If you would like more information about this very valuable support, email me at  You can learn more about this as well by visiting .

Thank you for taking the time to read this information.  Here is the link I recommend for you. 

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