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Friday, October 8, 2010

You guys are killing me!

So you know this is a blog right?  Sometimes I have something interesting to say, but not often.  A lot of what is going on this blog is supposed to spur you to have some sort of reaction.  I am not here to entertain you I am here to provoke, to encourage, to challenge.  Basically to annoy you the same way this idea annoys me. 
In most if not all cases, you guys have much more clever observations on this subject of relating and explaining to different groups of people.
I need you to participate to make this worth all of you being part of the audience.  Teach me back!

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  1. OK, here is a thought for you. Last week I was talking to a guy at work and he said "Your a Christian.....". We had a great conversation. I had to go to my next meeting but before I left I told him that I did not know he was a Christian before that day.

    Yesterday I ran into him again and he told me that my comment had made him think. He told me that he thinks that God was speaking to him through my comment. He wants to live his life so people know he is a Christian and he told me some things he was changing.

    I asked him before I left how he knew I was a Christian. He said that he saw my wife and I in a restaurant and we prayed before we ate.

    It just goes to show the simplest things can have great consequences.