How do Wisdom and Selling go together?

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Friday, October 22, 2010

Match ups in sales - Looking at each of the possible combinations of 70 : 30

So alot of my experiences with people have come in the sales arena, which I have been participating in for the last 28 years.  Granted for most of that I was a scared chicken, sort of the "you don't want to buy anything from me today, do you?" mentality.  I did not have enough self confidence to think others would want to interact much less be convinced by my presentations.  Nonetheless, I trudged on, and managed to create quite a mask in the sales role.  This mask did nothing but make it hard for me, because then I had to add behaviors that matched the confidence and aggressiveness portrayed.  These were not healthy behaviors, and my character definitely took a hit.
I had to go back to the basics of character development and get my personal act together prior to having a real change in my sales ability.  During that time I was exposed to a cool sales methodology from Wilson Learning, the Counselor Sales Approach.  It helped me deal with the idea of building trust, positioning to real needs, and supporting my offering.  In many ways, it also gave me some guidance in how to do counseling in general.  I began to flourish a little in the confidence this approach brought, and in my new positions, found myself directing the sales efforts of the organization as a whole.
Once I began to look at this approach and the need to transfer it to others, I began to see just how different the response was from different people.  People who have excellent rapport with their market already, might look at it as no real advantage, while those who were new or less comfortable with people may find it to have some real benefit.  Not only that, but I also realize that the method is not 100% foolproof in dealing with all different kinds of people, so I began to challenge it from the 70:30 rule.
Sure enough, there is more complexity to relationships than just counseling can deal with so I want to run the sales process through the funnel of different combinations and see what happens.  The next few blog posts will address the options we have in our dealings in sales.  Whatever is discussed there will have application is lots of different life roles, not just selling.  That is just the current theme.
Kudos to Wilson Learning for their approach.  In discussing these areas, there will certainly be some overlap with their program, for which I give them full credit.

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