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Sunday, October 17, 2010

I just wanted to smack someone yesterday!

SO... when we take on this position of being a 70% solution provider, we are intent on building and relating with others.  Our expectation is that we will have their strength to be there for everyone and it will all end happily and we will feel fulfilled! 
The first problem with this thinking is internal.  The Bible says that out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks.  If I cannot put into my heart quality thoughts and ideas and feelings, and have a support process to maintain these, then the quality of my heart contents will decline over time.  At that point, we are ask risk from stressful situations.  Yikes.  I have problems with this.  My inputs are not frequent enough, because I don't spend enough time focusing on the good things of life.  I also don't spend enough time in the Bible to keep adding the wisdom needed for hard decisions.  Seeing this is a good start to a solution, and one of the reasons I blog is to reveal to myself the positives in life.   I hope it helps you as well.
The second reason is external.  You and I both know there are selfish, aggravating people out there as well as situations that would not happen if people weren't so slack.
This is the day I had.  First, we drop our youngest off at school each morning.  To enter the parking lot and drop off, cars have to alternate.  Of course, there is one woman on a phone, who instead of stopping to let a car in front of her, followed right behind the one in front of her.  Good Grief!  Doesn't she realize that if everyone did this we would have mass chaos?
Second I pull into McDonalds and even though there are two drive thrus for you to drive around the building and get in line for, the person in front of me just pulls up and stops with the front of there car between two in line, expecting to be let in.  This also blocked the rest of us from getting into the parking lot.  Good Grief!  I had to go the wrong way on the parking lot to turn around and get in line.  Then I had to let her in since everyone else was so selfish and wouldn't!
Went to work and dealt with slow lunch service, a very difficult and challenging day at work.  So I had a great plan to overcome this.  Our friends got us tickets to a Chris Tomlin concert.  A very good time for worship.  So they have their normal announcements about no flash or video, then the concert begins.  I discover during the opening act that a solar eclipse was sitting in front of me.  This man mountain would stand to worship with the music even when everyone else sat down.  If I sat down, it blocked out the entire stage.  BUT.., at the time, he was worshipping so no big deal, right?  Down four rows on  the left, there was this short, bald guy.  HE decided that even though there was a rule about videoing, he was going to hold up his smartphone over his head (which is why is said he was short) and the screen was right in my field of view during most of the songs.  Good Grief!  I guess you could say I was struggling to get into the music.  Then the man in front of me decides this is such a good concert he needs to take a couple of hundred pictures with his flipphone and email them to all his friends, then show his wife each and every response.  So much for the worshipful experience.
I was so aggravated by circumstances, that I missed a gift from God.  This gift was so needed due to hard decisions I had to be part of and people who I cared about.  The enemy won that battle.  I have to be more conscious of what is going on and prepare my heart better.  If I am yelling at the car in front of me for going too slow, where did that come from?  

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