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Thursday, October 14, 2010

I hate being sick!

You know, we all have to deal with feeling bad once in a while.  My challenge this time is a sinus infection, combined with the flulike symptoms of this year's flu shot.  I don't recommend getting the shot when your immune system is under attack.  Double whammy!

Funny thing about being sick, when you are a 70percenter, especially one who is trying to use it daily in your interactions.  We are allowed to be sick and feel bad, but we are not supposed to let the illness affect our relating to people!  Hey, I am human - I suspect you are also.  If we aren't careful we will let go of our feelings and we will become a negative, moving us backward instead of forward. 
You know what is wrong with this?  Being a 70percenter is not about controlling our emotions and conversations, it is about being sincerely interested in people.  Controlling our emotions and conversations means that we are at risk of falling out of control, which puts us in a position of being seen as fake or misrepresenting our interests in this person.
Our only hope is to be sincere.  Hey, would the Great Pumpkin come to your pumpkin patch?  If you are trying to be a 70%percenter, a relater/explainer role model for the wrong reasons, everyone will eventually know.  A sincere person can be down.  A sincere person can be annoyed with someone else.  A sincere person can be forgiven.  People see through us quickly.
Hey - Care about people.  You will never lose, although you might get hurt once in a while.  Believe me it is worth it.  Then you can feel miserable like me, not want to be around anyone, and not have to spend the next week apologizing.  At least I hope so.  If not, I am sorry!  Ha

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