How do Wisdom and Selling go together?

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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Learn the difference between fragile arrogance and measured confidence.

So there are always situations in life where we are challenged to listen to the advice of others.  If you are not careful, you will find that you think you know more than you do, and you will not be willing to listen

As a new senior manager, it was very difficult for me to see that others could be more intelligent on a subject than I was.  I was, after all, in a position that was expected to be able to make decisions wisely.  I could not get past this fact for quite some time, and I am sure I gave off a sense of arrogance to others, as they tried to help me become a better leader.  This arrogance was in fact very fragile, and caused me to second guess myself, but not to let on to others that I was unsure. 

The alternative of measured confidence has come upon me more recently.  This is the ability to realistically approach life, with a boldness that comes from confidence is what I know and who I serve and am associated with, but a willingness to listen to and learn from others.  The value of their advice has changed dramatically to me as a result.  It was always valuable, I just never dealt with it the right way.

What a great learning that was!

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