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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I think therefore I am...responsible for my thoughts

Sometimes we get into a situation where others around us appear to be dictating our thoughts.  Whether they cause us happiness or create a level of resentment, we begin to dwell on the feelings related to these thoughts.  It is nice when someone says or does something to spur us to happy thoughts.  However, are we only able to have happiness in our mind when those around is influence it, or can we develop a way to think positively regardless of the situation.

See, when a negative image comes on the TV or movies, we can turn it off, and prevent it from having a detrimental affect on our thoughts.  However, we cannot turn off the people with whom we have to work, our families or our ministries without drastic actions, which most of the time we would be unwise to do.

So we must recognize that at all times we are responsible for our reactions inside to what is going on around us.  We must take hold of the thoughts we have and seek the self control needed to not react on emotion, but on facts.  This is so hard, it takes serious concentration at all times.  Something we do not really possess.

Prayer is a way to help this, as well as finding a mentor who can advise you when these thoughts begin to control you instead of you controlling them.

Today, if you can just recognize that you are responsible, you have reached the first milestone.

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